Luling to Dale

An unepic adventure and epic fun.

A journey with a friend always tops the journey made alone.

On July 11th, Mark and I towed up with the mindset of get high, go far. I had going east around Austin in mind.

After I finally got a good climb, Mark came in way under me, eventually climbing over me at 6500ft. At that point, string was pulled and miles were covered. 5 miles out, I turned in lift, gaining 1000ft, then raced off into what turned out to be the ground at Dale, Texas – a mere 15 miles straight distance. As a dog leg, more like 20 miles.

In true form, I was picked up by a local drunk, taken to the beer store a mile away and went off in search of Mark who was gracious enough to land near me.

Lessons learned…..

1. Every day is different. This day was higher pressure with sharper edges and severe sink. Being cavalier on buoyant air days can work….. on days with severe sink, despite higher than normal lift, being cavalier will put you on the ground.

2. Beware of which car you get into. The operator may be drunker than you think!

Luling – Bastrop

Another personal best!

The goal was Chris Z’s house. Late start but it was great flying.

Ben Dunn has a great write up here. Unlike me, he made goal.

Against the wind…

What we do when we are tired determines our capacity the most.

Being tired, having started late in the day, plus not having communications or a ride, something simple seemed logical. I love LZ unknown. I think even more I just love letting go of one point when flying. For me, that greatly increases the amount of sky to play in. It also opens up the reality that your reach is further than your glide.

I ventured downwind to Lockhart, played with lift there, climbed, then decided to return. And return I did. I learned much more on the return than in my prior downwind cross country trips.

Buzzards helped me pick a good lift line on the way back.

Normally I am a hang in zeros and hope to find better type guy, but with a head wind, it forced me to be more judicious in the lift I chose – it also forced me to be quicker about the decision.

I’m not calling it a comeback, but while I’ve had very little flying, what I have had has been full of personal bests since some recent life changes that have greatly decreased my stress and increased my decision making capacity. Too soon to tell, but at some point, luck will start getting less credit.


After watching the weather, we made it to the Texas Gulf Coast to dune goon. Quintana is not the most scenic place and other that dune flying, there is not much of a reason to go. Likely the only coastal site on the Gulf Coast.

Players gonna play

It was a good day out with the Falcons and Dave was nice enough to let me try the Sport 2.

The Sport 2 was nice but it was much harder to fly than the falcons. Much faster which was fun and more energy retention.

Sport 2


…..of a picture taker.

Picture of taking a picture. Photo courtesty of Ben Dunn.

I like this last picture of a picture taker. The best photographers I know take great pictures with ANY camera. Compensate photo quality with composition.

Order of the Pelican

Hang Loose

0ZudKv on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

make animated gifs like this at MakeAGif

Guads 2013

This site holds a special place in my heart. It was my first foot launch of any altitude – a reminder of the days when I thought higher launches were harder, not easier. Only a couple of years later would it sink in how easy these guys have it out west compared to punching off and climbing out in ratty air from a 400ft hill.

This was my first flight that other than some tandem work in 5.5 months. It was good to be back in the saddle. Just like riding a bike.

In general, it was a blast, I flew 2 of 4 soarable days. A little miffed at myself as I let my air-eagerness draw me off the hill with everyone else Saturday when waiting for a afternoon flight would have gotten me just as high in much nicer air.

As always, a youtube peek of my 1st flight on my T2c in 5.5 months!

Mingus – A Video

This is a quick video to give a look at Mingus. I have more video to follow including my favorite genre of videos – those where pilots get high, get low, get lower, and then get stinking high.

I will also search for video of traffic. At one point while queing up to land, I had 2 planes waiting to take off, one on final approach, and 2 skydivers coming down under canopy. Boring day at the airport. Until then, I hope this short vid will give some impressions of the area.