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After watching the weather, we made it to the Texas Gulf Coast to dune goon. Quintana is not the most scenic place and other that dune flying, there is not much of a reason to go. Likely the only coastal site on the Gulf Coast.

Players gonna play

It was a good day out with the Falcons and Dave was nice enough to let me try the Sport 2.

The Sport 2 was nice but it was much harder to fly than the falcons. Much faster which was fun and more energy retention.

Sport 2


…..of a picture taker.

Picture of taking a picture. Photo courtesty of Ben Dunn.

I like this last picture of a picture taker. The best photographers I know take great pictures with ANY camera. Compensate photo quality with composition.

Order of the Pelican

Hang Loose

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Dune Gooning – Quintana Texas

Mark had an itch to fly the dunes. He picked the perfect day and we joined the Order of the Pelican.

Mark went 1st. After landing at the bottom to change pilots, we learned it was quicker and easier to just top land, but top landing is tricky.

Never have I had flying where you are that intimate with the space between the ground and air. Launch from the basetube was sweet.

On my last flight, I aired it out the entire length of the dunes. Good times! Thanks Mark for making it happen. Thanks Joel for the loan of the F195.