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Guads 2013

This site holds a special place in my heart. It was my first foot launch of any altitude – a reminder of the days when I thought higher launches were harder, not easier. Only a couple of years later would it sink in how easy these guys have it out west compared to punching off and climbing out in ratty air from a 400ft hill.

This was my first flight that other than some tandem work in 5.5 months. It was good to be back in the saddle. Just like riding a bike.

In general, it was a blast, I flew 2 of 4 soarable days. A little miffed at myself as I let my air-eagerness draw me off the hill with everyone else Saturday when waiting for a afternoon flight would have gotten me just as high in much nicer air.

As always, a youtube peek of my 1st flight on my T2c in 5.5 months!

Mingus – A Video

This is a quick video to give a look at Mingus. I have more video to follow including my favorite genre of videos – those where pilots get high, get low, get lower, and then get stinking high.

I will also search for video of traffic. At one point while queing up to land, I had 2 planes waiting to take off, one on final approach, and 2 skydivers coming down under canopy. Boring day at the airport. Until then, I hope this short vid will give some impressions of the area.

Winter Spooling

I love being online. Payout towing is a great way to get some miles and a great way to get some landing practice.

After trying various techniques to maximize a tow in a limited amount of tow lane, I have come to a conclusion. Mountains are rare hard to find sites but so are tow lanes. You can try to maximize a tow on a short lane, but the easiest, simplest way to safely, consistently reach altitudes of +1500ft without circuit tows or weaklink breaking pressure is to find a long tow lane.

Hearne is 7000ft. I find this to be a perfect starting point. I have climbed out of shorter (1 mile) tow lanes like Wells Lane, but it is much more difficult. With a mile tow lane, I find it difficult to get over 1000ft.

In 2012, I plan on hitting some long tow lanes. There is a 2 mile lane near Corpus Christi, Big Spring is 8800ft, Hobbs close to 10,000ft. Ft Davis and Van Horn have several lanes in the multi-mile range.

Here is a look from the tow vehicle from earlier this year.

1st Flight of 2011

Some yummy airtime.  Good to spend some time with my mistress after 4 months apart. Feels like not a day has passed.  Good long flight in chunky breezy conditions.

Should have video soon…..

Thanks Mark for the cool trailer…